Unlocking nature’s medicinal chemistry

Introducing the EQ Clear Skin Collection™

Grounded in scientific research and powered by our innovative Transdermal Flavosomes (XDF™) delivery system, our clean formulas are clinically proven to promote skin repair, reduce inflammation, and optimize overall skin health.

A new paradigm

We’re changing the landscape of plant-based skincare with our scientifically-grounded formulas that deliver unparalleled results by unlocking the power of plant flavonoids EGCG and Quercetin.

Discover the science behind our breakthrough XDF™ Delivery System

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Founded by Mark Menning PhD., our formulation philosophy is simple. It’s the same philosophy Dr. Menning used to develop life saving HIV drugs — only use the necessary ingredients, at the highest levels of purity for optimal product performance without compromise on efficacy or safety.

A distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry set the stage for his innovative foray into skincare. As the founder and CEO of MARK Los Angeles, he channels over two decades of expertise in drug delivery and a PhD in chemical engineering into revolutionizing skincare. Driven by a passion for plant active ingredients, Mark is dedicated to crafting treatments that address skin conditions effectively without harsh chemicals, embodying his commitment to never compromising on results. His approach marks a pioneering shift towards safer, more effective skincare solutions.

SIMRAN — Santa Fe, New Mexico

“I absolutely LOVE these products! The moisturizer and cleanser are perfect for my daily routine, moisturizer is not too heavy, which is perfect for my skin. I am loving the E.Q. Rescue Serum when I get hormonal breakouts too. I am thrilled with this simple and very effective regime!”

Proven results powered by our patented XDF™ technology

Based on results reported at 6 weeks in a clinical study of 36 participants aged 18-45 using the EQ Collection™ daily.


agree that acne has significantly reduced or resolved completely


agreed that their skin appeared smoother after using the products


agreed overall skin quality feels better after using these products


agreed skin appears clearer after using these products

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Reduce inflammation, target blemishes and acne, and optimize overall skin health with our transformative, clinically-tested, clean formulas infused with powerful plant flavonoids.

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