EQ Collection — Skin care

E.Q. Exfoliating Cleanser™

Refresh skin with our dual-purpose face and body scrub for gentle daily cleansing. Developed with vegetable-sourced surfactants and ground walnut shells, to gently exfoliate the skin, remove dirt, impurities and make-up - visibly improving skin tone and texture.

Size: 120ml


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81% of participants agreed skin texture and clarity appears improved after using the EQ Clear Skin Collection™ daily for 6 weeks

Directions for use

We recommend using our EQ Exfoliating Cleanser™ twice a week, gently massaging a dime-size amount of the exfoliating cleanser into wet skin, paying close attention to any areas that experience breakouts, acne, sebum and sweat build up, rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry. Follow up with our EQ Rescue Serum™ to help reduce inflammation and redness.

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Antimicrobial & Anti-Inflammatory

Powerful antioxidants stimulate skin repair

Powered by our innovative XDF™ delivery system

Deeply cleanses and purifies skin

Made with clean, plant-based ingredients

Bianca Rothschild — Sydney, Australia

“MARK Los Angeles has found a place in my life. It’s been so humid and hot here in Australia and my skin was getting so oily and my pores were clogged. I needed a mega cleanse, so I used the E.Q. Exfoliating Cleanser and the E.Q. Rescue Serum and my skin has cleared and pre-zits have gone down.”

Female 35

“I don't have much acne on my face, however, I do have Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arm (I just had a baby 3 months ago) and the E.Q. Exfoliating Cleanser worked amazingly to treat the bumps. They're almost completely gone.”