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E.Q. Gentle Cleanser™

Gently cleanse and renew skin with our efficacious, clinically-tested and balanced EQ Gentle Cleanser, designed to penetrate the skin, reduce inflammation and remove makeup and impurities without irritating the skin barrier.

Size: 120ml


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85% of participants agreed that their skin appeared smoother after using the EQ Clear Skin Collection™ daily for 6 weeks

Directions for use

Morning and night, we recommend massaging a dime-size amount of cleanser gently into wet skin, paying close attention to any areas that experience sebum, sweat or make-up build up throughout the day, rinse thoroughly and gently pat dry. Follow up with our EQ Rescue Serum™ and EQ Daily Moisturizer™ to complete our EQ Clear Skin Collection™ regimen.

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Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory

Gentle, lightweight formula

Powered by our innovative XDF™ delivery system

Deeply cleanses and purifies skin

Made with clean, plant-based ingredients

Bianca Rothschild — Sydney, Australia

“The MARK Los Angeles products are a unique blend of beauty, natural ingredients and medicine. I can’t think of any natural beauty product that I've used that feels like an actual treatment outside of a clay mask. Cleaning yes, moisturizing yes, but not healing. That is not very common I would say. Yay.”